If you love raves.... these movies are for you!

Si te encantan las raves....¡estas películas son para ti! entrada que tienes que leer en bearaver

If you love raves.... these movies are for you!

If you're one of those who likes to enjoy a good movie and can't conceive of your life without going to a rave (although if you're already in this post, I consider this to be confirmed) the movies we're going to comment on next will surely show you a good time.

Do you dare to immerse yourself in the madness of raves without moving from the sofa in your house...? If so, keep reading 😉

Humman Traffic

The first film we would like to recommend to you could not be other than, Humman Traffic.

It was released in 1999 and in the UK alone it managed to raise more than twice the amount it had cost to produce the film. It was certainly a success, the plot revolves around a group of five young lovers of the scene clubThey spend the week facing the routine as they can with the only wish that the weekend arrives to change. The film is set at the time when the dance movement emerged in the UK from 1989 to the late 1990s. Humman Traffic has come to be regarded as one of the most identifiable films in the rave world. Are you still in doubt as to whether you should see it?



The perfect mix between madness and drama, that's how we could define "Beats". The film was released in 2019 but is set in 1994 in Scotland, just as the government was trying to curb the rave movement. The plot tells the story of two friends who decide to spend their last summer together in style, immersed in the rave world and the demonstrations to fight the system that wants to ban them.

A film that reflects the power of friendship, music and rebellion.



Groove is an American film from 2000 that reflects what a night in San Francisco's most underground rave scene looks like. It all starts with an email that is broadcast about a rave that is going to be held in an abandoned warehouse...you can imagine what will come next, right?

Let the party begin!


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