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If you’ve come this far, I assume you’re crazy about Hard 😉 and let me tell you that…you’re in the right place!

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We have created this page thinking especially of you, HARD lover. Like you, we can’t imagine life without music either! That’s why we have decided to create this special section where we can express our passion for hardcore music in the form of clothing, because we are tired of always seeing the same designs that everyone wears.

Whenever we create we like to start from music, which is our main source of inspiration. Then with our minds full of ideas we get to work creating our own hardcore clothing.

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Here you can see our entire collection of harcore t-shirts 😉 Hardcore designs thought of you, we hope you like them 🙂

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In cold times we all need a sweatshirt and, if it is with a HARD design even better. Discover all the hardcore designs in sweatshirts.

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