Hardcore Fanny Pack in White


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Hardcore Fanny Pack in White


❤️Is your heart beating faster than 160 BPM?❤️

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Discover the Hardcore Fanny Pack in white, a perfect fanny pack for Hard people, an exclusive design inspired by this musical style that we like so much and have had so many good times with it. A perfect accessory for a girl or a boy… only one thing matters… That you like hardcore. The design is also in BLACK, in case you want to take a look.

Fanny packs are the perfect accessory for the most daring. And this fanny pack has it all: the perfect size, an interior pocket and an adjustable strap. Ideal for tourists, festival lovers and those who are always on trend.

The fanny pack is high quality and the printing is professional DTG, this means that your design will always be there, in addition to holding up to your best and longest raves.

If you have any questions about the fanny pack, you can contact us through the means we provide on the website, we will help you as soon as possible.


Human quality control in each order

100% polyester
• Fabric weight: 9.91 oz/yd² (336 g/m²)
• Measurements: H 6.5” (16cm), W 13” (33cm), D 2¾” (7cm)
• Water resistant material
• Top zipper with two sliders
• 1¼” adjustable strap with plastic regulators, available in 2 sizes
• Customizable interior pocket without zipper
• Adjustable strap with plastic regulators

Riñonera hardcore en blanco vista frontal de bearaver descubre como es la riñonera más hard

How to care for the fanny pack

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Riñonera hardcore en blanco vista frontal de bearaver descubre como es la riñonera más hard
Hardcore Fanny Pack in White
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