What is a ‘RAVE’?

La Revolución del Ritmo La Historia de la Primera Rave - The Rhythm Revolution The Story of the First Rave

The word Rave is especially used at these times, but do we really know what it refers to? It is normal to find a more “novice” audience in the electronic music scene, especially in techno, which refers to techno parties or festivals as Raves.

How do raves start?

The first “Rave,” to understand its meaning, took place in England when a regular at electronic music parties grew tired of the restrictions and difficulties to enjoy the party freely and decided to hold the first outdoor and clandestine event in 1988.

This event brought together more than 500 people and opened the minds of other partygoers to hold them and copy the great invention, the rave.

Why are they illegal?

A rave is a private event where a large community wants to hold a party outside the “legal” framework. The word “legal” must be taken into account because to hold a party, different permits and concessions are necessary. When we go to a “legal” party, nightclub, festival, those permits are necessary; in the case of a rave, they are not.

This is the only reason we can call them “illegal,” but it must also be said that these events do not seek economic gain and are nothing more than a beat and people dancing. I really don’t see anything wrong with it, but you have to understand the concept of why they are called illegal.

Where are they held?

Raves do not have a specific place and are held in all the most hidden corners you can think of. To better reflect on where they are held, it is necessary to take into account the large community of people around it, I could almost say a lifestyle. As you may be thinking, raves are not promoted, they do not have social networks, TikTok, or the like. Everything is generated through the connection between the different members of this movement.

It is normal to see some concentration in the media, and it is incredible how without any social power, all those people gather to dance together for days.

To better understand the power of communication of the “ravers,” we have to think that the people who attend these events come from all over Europe. If you don’t find out about the parties in your town sometimes, imagine having them 2000kms away.

Don't call everything a rave

Not all are raves, and the first day you step into one, you realize it, the good vibes, the connection, seeing how those connections are built, and enjoying the music are such broad words that they change your thinking.

We hope to see each other someday at a rave and be able to discuss this more calmly. So far, I hope I have resolved some of your doubts and a new raver has been born. Thank you for reading and greetings.

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