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T-shirts for techno music lovers

Explora Camisetas para amantes de la musica techno - Explore T-shirts for techno music lovers

Techno, a musical genre that was born in the 80s, has left an indelible mark on the global music scene. From the United States to Europe, this genre has transcended borders, becoming a phenomenon that has influenced countless people. In addition to the music itself, techno culture has generated unique fashion, especially expressed through t-shirts […]

History of Smiley Face from Acid Techno

Historia de Smiley Face o Carita Sonriente del Acid Techno - La historia detrás del acid smiley - Origen de la carita - Símbolo cultura rave

The smiley face associated with acid techno is known as the “smiley” or “acid smiley.” This iconic image is a symbol that has come to represent acid techno culture and music. The smiley face originated in the 1980s and is specifically associated with the rave scene and electronic music, including acid techno. The story behind […]