Where to buy clothes and accessories for ravers

Dónde comprar ropa y accesorios para ravers a través de la tienda online bearaver, conjuntos festivales, outfit festival, rave, rave outfits, techno, hardcore, punk

Where to buy clothes and accessories for ravers

After an intense time of work…we can finally say it, Bearaver is here!

Okay, cool, but…what the f*** is Bearaver? I imagine this is possibly what you’re thinking right now, but don’t worry, I’ll explain it to you in a second 😉

I could tell you that it is an online store that collects a variety of clothing and accessories aimed at the raver scene and public and still be so wide-eyed. But the truth is that, being a co-founder of this project and, also, a follower of this scene, I feel that this description is very poor for everything we want to transmit and disseminate.

Behind the concept of “going to a rave”, there is much more than the idea of ​​an “illegal” party and “getting on top of everything” that society has put into our heads. Nobody tells about the good vibes and camaraderie that can be felt in them, the passion for music or the elimination of prejudices in the majority of ravers. And I personally believe that it is one of the main reasons behind the celebration of every rave, freedom in every sense.

Dónde comprar ropa y accesorios para ravers


Each raver is unique and seeks to mark their personality, and although this is largely transmitted in your way of being, another very important part is what you transmit with your way of dressing. And that’s where I want to get to, we see that in terms of clothing there is not as much variety as we would like.

So, if I had to really define Bearaver, I would tell you that it is much more than an online clothing store, it is a space where ravers can feel identified, where they can find clothing and accessories that help mark and define that unique style that we believe each person has, where items are not differentiated or cataloged by gender.

This is culture, not fashion. Here what moves us is music.

Start looking for clothes and accessories from your style here.

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