How to dress for an Electronic Music party

Como vestir para una fiesta de Música Electrónica - Te contamos algunos de los secretos de los outfits más populares en la electrónica

The first electronic music parties are amazing, I still remember more first dances in the different stages where I have had the opportunity to listen to music. A thought that occurs to many of us when attending these parties for the first time is, What clothes should I wear? How am I dressed? and more questions that go through our heads at this moment.

In this article we are going to try to solve these types of questions, never recommending an outfit 100% but rather that each one has their personal touch, honestly, I like it that way. Another point that I also want to emphasize is that there are many types of electronic music and each of them has its own touch. In this article we are only going to discuss three musical styles and raves.

Techno Music

One of the first variants of electronic music that we are going to analyze is Techno. In this type of festival, the predominant color is black, although not everything is like that, the vast majority of people do comply with this pattern.

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Drum and Bass music

Thinking about Drum and Bass and Andalusia comes to mind, Drum and Bass is dressed in many ways, in this style I couldn’t give you a real pattern, other than loose clothing and comfort for dances. It can be the perfect music to add your personal touch to your outfit.

Música Hardcore

Hardcore music is danced to comfortably, that is the first point I would like to emphasize. Throughout my Hardcore parties I have been able to see how people used their own style, others marked their place with exclusive clothing based on the musical style and even people in suits. By this I mean that you do not have to meet any special requirements to have fun dancing hardcore.

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Rave Party

If you are thinking of going to a Free Party or Rave, you are going to be amazed here, from costumes, loose clothing, ponchos and more. At raves it is the place where everyone goes to their own thing, as we have said you can find everything. From people with their own designs, the most fun costumes and people with their own style, this is what you can find at these types of parties.

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And here is our small recommendation, in summary these types of parties have a clothing pattern, but it is never something essential to be able to fit into these environments. My recommendation is to make a mix between more “recommended” clothes and your own style, in my opinion, it would be the best so that you are comfortable and feel good.

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